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What is "Filkers Live Data" technology?
What is "Filkers Live Data" technology?

Filkers lets you create, publish, and modify your ads instantly from your ecommerce.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Live Data

If you modify a product in your e-commerce, it is updated quickly and automatically in your video template.

What can you do with the live data technology in Filkers?

  • Have updated access to the details of the products from your eCommerce

    Connecting your eCommerce (Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, ) all your product data will be at Filkers ready to use to make amazing promotive videos.

  • Design

    Choose a video sync template, select a product, and you have your ad ready. At the moment!. All data of your product will be covered automatically in the template.

    As well, when you made a change in your eCommerce, for example, a discount, it will apply in the video where this product is at Filkers.

    Your design is ready to export and share wherever you want.

  • Publish your videos products on your website, always updated.

    Create your video from among the sync templates Filkers have and publish it on banners or slides on your website. Any time you made a change in this product on your eCommerce (Ex. discount) will show it automatically on your published video.

  • When you connect Canva con Filkers, all the changes, and new images' products added to your online store will appear instantly in folders at Canva.

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