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How to connect my Magento with Filkers?
How to connect my Magento with Filkers?

How to retrieve the Access Token on my Magento to connect with Filkers

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago


Have a look at this tutorial to connect Magento eCommerce with Filkers, and start to create amazing videos of your products, easily and fast.

Or if you prefer follow these steps to sync your online store with Filkers and start creating amazing content for your products and services:

1.- Sign up with Filkers

1.1. If you are registering for the first time, you have to choose Magento during the process, as you can see in this image:

1.- Choose the Magento option.

2.- Enter your online Store address

3.- You have to go to the back office of your Magento as we show you below and copy the Access Token on Filkers.

4.- Press Connect

You will receive an email with these instructions to follow the connection between your Magento and Filkers.

3.- Go to the back office of your Magento, and follow the steps:

3.1. In the main menu on the left sidebar of the screen, go to 'System' and choose 'Integrations'.

3.2 Press on 'Add New Integration'

3.3. Go to 'Integration info' to enter general information about the new integration:

1.) Enter the name of our app: Filkers

2.) Enter your password of Magento

3.4. Go to 'API' to click on the content you have to allow access to Filkers:

1.) Go to Resource Access and choose 'Custom'

Click only these boxes:

Catalog · Inventory · Products · Categories ·

Stores · Settings · All Stores

2.) Press 'SAVE'

3.5. Now, it is time to check all the access you are going to allow to Filkers.

If everything is ok, press 'Allow' to continue the process.

3.6. Copy the 'Access Token' and press 'Done'.

When you finish here, you have to paste this Access Token in Filkers

3.7. To finish the process, just click on 'Activate'

Go to Filkers and enter the Access Token from your Magento to finish the connection.

3.8. Now you can edit the name of your store, Paste your 'Access Token' from Magento


Synchronization has started.

The synchronization time will depend on the size of the store, the number of products, and your subscription plan.

Now you can start to create amazing videos of your products to share wherever you want.

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