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What is Filkers?
What is Filkers?

Filkers is an app that connects with your eCommerce to create unique content to show your products with LIFE-DATA technology.

Written by Jorge Casals
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Filkers is the All-in-One visual marketing platform for your company.

Create amazing video products without the need for design knowledge and show them to the public with our technology LIFE-DATA.

Filkers helps you with CREATING DYNAMIC CONTENT

Create your own video content from our Sync templates.
You have at your disposal a wide assortment of templates to choose from.

You can customize your design by changing the colors, fonts, and writing the perfect slogan. Add images from your product photos (or add them from the stock photos that we offer for free) and you already have your video ready to post wherever you want.

CONNECTING YOUR E-COMMERCE WITH FILKERS makes it easy for you with automation of processes to create all your digital marketing :

  • If you connect your e-commerce [ Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, or Magento ] with Filkers you will speed up all the processes of video creation. Enjoy automatic sync of the data of your products with Filkers so as not to have to do double work (photos, title, price ...). In this way, every time you add a product to your e-commerce, it will also be automatically added to Filkers so you can promote it.

  • Banner web: Make your website more attractive. You can create a visual design with your products, then add it to a folder to share on your website. All connected and publishing in real-time.

  • Products Grid, for Guttenberg and Elementor editors. Install Filkers plugin on your web and boost the way you show your products. Choose from a wide assortment of dynamic templates on Filkers, and use it to show your features products from your eCommerce in an easy and fast way.

  • Web y Blogs. Create visual content with the templates of Filkers and publish it on your website. Do Everything without Filkers Live Data.

Export your designs to publish them in your digital media:

  • Social networks and ADS Services: Create your video products with the designs of your choice and export them to publish on your social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in mp4 format, animated gif or jpg or Google Ads, digital press, or other platforms.

If you think you need more freedom to design your ads, don't worry, we are an app in CANVA, therefore you also have all your product images organized in CANVA ready to create your designs [post, stories, covers, flyers, catalog,..]. All data are synchronized with your eCommerce so they update automatically.

Filkers is the ultimate platform to take your brand identity to the top.

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