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What can I do with my video created on the Filkers app?
What can I do with my video created on the Filkers app?

Enrich your digital marketing actions with stunning videos generated with Filkers

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

You can use your videos in all of your digital marketing, and you can do it all from Filkers.

You can create product videos to post on Social Networks and Ads servers in seconds. You have at your disposal all the necessary formats to cover all the needs of your digital communication:

  • Attract more audiences with a post full of movement.

  • Capture the attention of your audience with stories that include a dynamic image.

  • Improve your image on social media with a spectacular cover in motion.

  • Increase clicks on your e-mail marketing actions by adding animated gifs.

  • Generate more leads with your ads on the Ads Server.

  • Stunning Facebook video ads are created in seconds.

  • Empower your website with dynamic banners updated in real-time.

  • Empower your store by publishing your videos on screens, always updated in real-time.

    At Filkers we make it easy for you to create visual ads to promote your business.

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