Connect your Shopify

Have a look at this tutorial to see how easy is to connect your Shopify with Filkers and start to create amazing videos of your products.

Conecta Shopify y aprovecha la sincronización y automatización de todos los procesos de creación de contenido visual:

·Video ads para Facebook, Instagram, Linkdln,..

·Video ads para Google.

·Videos con tecnología Filkers Live Data para banners y grids de productos.

·If you already have an account in Filkers and now, you want to connect your Shopify online store, go to:

In the main menu of the left sidebar of the screen in Filkers,

  1. Go to 'Connect my e-Commerce', once are you in,

  2. Choose the Shopify option, and press 'Connect'.

  3. You will be taken to Shopify to complete the connection.

We recommend you watch the tutorial video.

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