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Overview of Filkers
Overview of Filkers

An overview of main menu on Filkers to get the most out of your creativity with our video marketing app.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Once you have registered on Filkers, you have your organization with your user email.

Within the Filkers platform you can navigate through the different utilities on the left sidebar of the screen:

The top of the menu shows your organization's name, your current subscription plan, and you can add a new organization.

Wide selection of Filkers' Sync templates to continually inspire you and create video Ads in seconds. Just click on a template, it opens, ready for you to personalize it with your data.

All your videos made with Filkers templates will be saved here. You can open folders to organize your work.

Directly from your designs, you can publish them on your website with Filkers Live Data Technology.

Upload and organize in Filkers all the media material you need to personalize your video ads: images, logos, and icons, PNG and JPEG format.
Canva: Press the button and bring a design from CANVA to Filkers to make new ads with your products.

Each time you made an export of your video design will be saved here.

Access to the Media Kit that is generated when you export your ad.

Enter your products in CMS Filkers manually to create personalized content automatically.

Make connections with your eCommerce (Shopify / Prestashop / Woocommerce or Magento).

Manage your Subscription plan, have control of your available resources and manage your teamwork.

All information about our subscriptions and upgrade plan.

Manage all the details of your account, such as contact information, billing information, and also, manage organización.

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