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What is Filkers Media Kit?
What is Filkers Media Kit?

With Filkers you can download your personalized ad in different formats valid for social networks and Ad Server

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Media Kit is a bundle available for download of your ad in three different formats

Once you have SAVED your design you can export it.
Define a name for the export and in a few minutes, you will have an email at your email address of your user in Filkers, with your Media Kit available. You can download the material directly and/or share it.

Every time you want to access the ad already exported from Filkers, go to Exports, you can access the Media Kit of your ad as many times as you want. Ready to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ...

Each Media Kit includes different files to download:

  • 1 video in mp4 format for stories, posts, Facebook ads ...

  • 1 animated GIF for email marketing, stories, to insert in your blog, etc.

  • From 2 images in jpg format for your social networks (post, stories, covers, advertising), for your blog, to print posters, or to insert with your gif or mp4 publications.

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