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How to export my video design created on Filkers
How to export my video design created on Filkers

Filkers generates a media set on export called MediaKit

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Export fantastic ads of your products and dazzle your audience with Filkers

Once you have done your design, press the button 'Save' on the top of the screen.

To Export your design and share wherever you want, follow these steps:

1.-In the sidebar menu, go to 'My designs',

2.- Press the 'Export' button.

You will have your export in two locations:

  1. On the left sidebar menu go to Exports and you will have a card with the details of your export. Press on it and a new screen appear with the Media Kit of your design: mp4, GIF animated, poster, ready to download and share wherever you want.

  2. You will receive an email with your MEDIA KIT so you can download everything and/or share it with someone without losing definition.


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