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How to create videos without connected data?
How to create videos without connected data?

Creating video content in Filkers is quick and easy

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Follow the easy steps to create visual content without connected data:

  1. Explore among sync templates

    Choose a sync video template among all that you have at your disposal. Decide what type of communication you want to publish to find the perfect template for your purpose. To publish on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,...filter by a number of images, format (vertical, horizontal, square), type of message (New in, Sales, Collection, Spring, ...)

    Choose and click on the selected template.

  2. Once you have opened the screen edition,

    1.- click on one of the images which appear in the middle of the screen,

    2.- on the right side, you will have thousands of images from the Stock images folder all free to use,

    3.- but also, you can choose images from Media and My Products folders (from your eCommerce).

    4.- Click on the chosen image from these folders and, automatically it will be on your design. Repeat the process as many times as many images you want to use.

    You will see in the middle of the screen edition that a yellow frame surrounds the image that you click on, well it is just for you to know exactly which one are you going to change.

  3. 3.1. Simple Edition

    Customize templates by adding your logo, changing colors, and covering the text data. Depending on the design of the template, it can be Claim, Title, Price, CTA. You decide what to put in each box.

    3.2.- Advanced Edition

    You can add your logo, change its position and size.

    You can show or not the badge, change its position, shape, and size.

    You can change the typography and size of texts: Claim, title, cta.

    You can adjust opacity, zoom, gradient, movement of images....depending on the structure of the template

  4. Save and Share

    If you are happy with the result, press the button Save, then you can use your design wherever you want.

    You can Export it and generate your Media Kit with an mp4, an animated GIF, and a jpg of your design in a few seconds, just with one click, and be able to share and publish it on your social networks.

    Also, you will receive the same Media Kit at your email address that you have used to register in Filkers, and easily publish from your mobile or share with other people without losing quality.


    Remember, you can edit your video and make changes how many times you want, you only have to go to My Designs on the sidebar menu, click it and work on it.

Also, you can publish your design on your banner web.

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