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What is automated access to my product data?
What is automated access to my product data?

Automate all your processes with Filkers and save time.

Written by Jorge Casals
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Connecting your eCommerce you have automatically access to your data products (Title, images, price) in Filkers to create very visual content to promote your products.

As Filkers is an integrated app in Canva, you also have access to the images of your products in Canva named with the title to create your designs.

Synchronize your e-commerce with Filkers to create videos with our technology Live Data.


If you connect your online store with Filkers:

  • Your eCommerce ( Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop) will sync with Filkers automatically. When in sync, your structured product data will be uploaded directly to Filkers.

  • You will have a folder in Filkers where you will find all the products of your eCommerce with their data: photos, title, price, and discounts ready for you to start using them to create your video ads in a fully automated way.

  • just have to choose the product and drag it to the chosen Sync template. Ready! You already have your ad created with all the product data without having to write anything.

Advantages of ads created with structured data:

  • Every time you add a new product to your e-commerce it will appear in the Filkers folder. Automatically and in real-time.

  • You can create ads with the connected data of the latest articles added to your online store. In seconds!

  • Every time you make a change in the data of a product in your e-commerce, automatically and in real-time, it will be changed in the design you have created for that product in Filkers.

  • At the same time, you also have access to the images of your products in Canva to create your designs.

If you don't have e-commerce you can also automate the data to create your videos:

Filkers give you the possibility to create your own list of products with data and photos within the same platform in Offline items.
You can easily add new products with title, price, category, and up to 4 photos per reference.
Take advantage of the same utility advantages as if you had e-commerce.

​ They cannot be applied to mp4, gif, or jpg files that you have already exported.

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