The advantage when you connect your eCommerce with Filkers:

  1. Create video content in seconds to promote your product. Simply choose a sync template from our catalog, click on your selected product, and the design is ready, linked to your product (shoppable video). You can create videos even if you haven't connected your eCommerce.

  2. Publish and manage your content (video ads) from Filkers to all your digital Marketing:

    • Publish with Filkers Live Data on your banner web. Any modification you made to your design will be shown in real-time where is published: banner, slide, carousel. Available for Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Magento.

    • Publish with Filkers Live Data on your Devices (screens, tablets, mobile). Any modification you made to your design will be shown in real-time when is published.

    • Export your videos to share on your social media or Google ads. Formats available: mp4, GIF, poster. Facebook Video ads, Instagram, google.

  3. Design in CANVA platform your ads for your products. As well, if you prefer to create your own design, you can do it on CANVA, because you will have at the same time all the product images organized by folders with the product title, ready to start your design. And best of all, each time you add a new product to your online store, a folder with its images will appear instantly in CAVA.

Advantage of Filkers LIVE DATA: Content updates are automatic. 
If you make any modification to a product in your e-commerce, the video where that product appears saved in Filkers will reflect the modification automatically and in real-time. In this way, your designs will always be correct and with the information updated in real-time.

As we have commented previously, automated access to images and data of your products is an advantage that facilitates the work of creating and publishing visual videos. With this automatic synchronization, you will be able to generate video products for the latest articles added to your eCommerce in seconds, and linked.

Connect your eCommerce with Filkers and create videos for your articles using our video sync templates.
From the moment you connect your online store with Filkers, you automatically have at your disposal all the images and data of the products that you have active in your eCommerce to start creating very visual ads.

The images and data of your products will be synchronized directly with Filkers, without having to be aware of updates each time you add a new reference in your e-commerce.

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