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How to create a playlist?
How to create a playlist?

You can create a Playlist on Filkers to easily manage to play your videos on your devices of Digital Signage.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Create a Playlist in 2 steps:

On the left sidebar menu,

1.-go to Digital Signage ---> Playlist ---> +New Playlist

2.-Now, add your media to the new Playlist:

2.1.-Click on your designs to add them to the Playlist. You will see your list on the left side of the screen. You can add either your videos created on Filkers either videos or photos from the Stock images.

2.2.-Press the button 'Save' when you finish.

Manage Your Playlist:

  • Click on the edit icon to change the Playlist's name.

  • Order your videos moving them with the Buttons with arrows. Click on the red button if your want to delete it.

  • Once you have created your new Playlist you can click on the Play button to preview it.

    REMEMBER, you can play your Playlists on all the Players and/ or Streams that you have connected with Filkers Digital Signage.

Use the playlists to broadcast your ads in an automated way and in real-time.

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