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How to connect my screen to Filkers Digital Signage?
How to connect my screen to Filkers Digital Signage?

To play your ads from Filkers Digital Signage you only need an Android-based device and internet connection.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

With a tablet, a streaming device for televisions, or a Smart TV you can play your personalized advertisements through Filkers Digital Signage.

Using DIGITAL SIGNAGE in your business is very easy. Follow the instructions to start showing your ads to the world:

1.- Download and install the free app Filkers Digital Signage from the Play Store on your device (screen or tablet). Copy the code and paste it onto

2.- Subscribe to Filkers web app, to create videos of your products and publish them on your devices. All are managed on the same platform.

3.- Connect your devices with Filkers. On the sidebar menu, go to Digital Signage: click on Players, and press +Add new Player, then add the code that has appeared on your screen.

4.- Publish your videos. From our DIGITAL SIGNAGE, you choose a playlist and publish it. In seconds it will be seen on your screens. All in real-time.

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