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What kind of ads can I create on Filkers?
What kind of ads can I create on Filkers?

Filkers has many types of ad formats

Written by Jorge Casals
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With Filkers Sync templates you can create all the necessary designs to meet the needs of your digital identity.

Custom ads for different digital media with Filkers. Design an ad in horizontal format for your hero banner and in a vertical format to publish it as a video in stories on your social networks.


Filkers offers you all the necessary designs to be able to create your ads and publish them in all digital formats:

  • Web
    Video ads for banners in all formats (horizontal, vertical, square…)

  • Social Networks
    Ads to publish in your post, stories. Post them in mp4 format, animated gif, jpg or combine them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ...

  • Email marketing
    Ads for email marketing actions with animated gifs or images in jpg format.

  • Play them on screens
    Ads to promote your products in your business, showing them on screens and tablets, both in portrait and landscape format.

  • Advertising
    Ads to publish in digital press and Google Ads.

  • Printing
    Ads for posters in general in jpg format.

Filkers connect with Canva to give you more options to create your design: Covers, flyers, landing pages, catalog,...

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