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How to create banners with shoppable videos with Elementor editor?
How to create banners with shoppable videos with Elementor editor?

Create a shoppable video to publish on your website design with our video sync templates.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

First of all, you must have installed the Filkers Widget on your Woocommerce.

Watch this video and get ready to do it easily and quickly!

Follow the steps that you have watched in the previous video:

  1. On the left sidebar menu, go to My designs,

  2. press to add New Folder

  3. name it, for example 'Banner web', and move in the designs you want to show on your website.

  4. Press the 'Publish' Button, and a pop-up will appear.

On this pop-up:

  1. Visibility (Private or Public) shows the state of your folder player. To manage the publications on your website, press Public.

  2. Copy the UID Element, save it, and paste it on Filker's plugin on your website. All done! Your Filkers Folder Player is connected with your web to publish in real-time your designs.

Create your shoppable video from our video sync templates, and move it into your Folder player to publish on your website. You only have to edit the template and choose your product from your eCommerce, and that is, no more work because your video is already linked to your product on your eCommerce.

Filkers make it easy for you to create dynamic and highly visual content to publish on your website design with our

The ultimate eCommerce video-slider, see more information.


With LIVE-DATA Filkers Technology, You can make any changes to your designs on Filkers and these will automatically reflect on the publications on your website.

On top of this, any e-commerce CMS change will also reflect on the designs published on your website.

NOTE: if you do not have knowledge of managing the design of your website, contact the company that made it for you and they will do the process quickly.

Install the Filkers plugin on your website. Please, see this instruction.

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