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How to find quickly the perfect video template design?
How to find quickly the perfect video template design?

Filkers allows you filter to find your video sync template.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

On Filkers, you will have at your disposal all the video Sync templates that you need to generate your new video ads.

Search a template is a very intuitive and simple process:

To better optimize your work and make it faster and easier for you, each template shows relevant information for better use it.

1.-Follow these instructions to optimize your job search:

Make Click in Formats to filter templates by their size. Choose the format you need, and all templates of the chosen format will be displayed.

Click in the upper yellow box 0-10 Images and choose the number of images you want to use to create your ad. The available templates will be displayed.

If you want to create an ad with data connected to your products, click on the purple Links. All available templates will be displayed according to your choice.

Filter using # tags: #social, #Grid, #web, #Banner, #Ads, ... and it will show you inspiration templates with the previous filters applied.

2.- You can pass with the cursor over the templates to preview how it shows before choosing it.

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