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How do I play live a Playlist on your device?
How do I play live a Playlist on your device?

In order to play live a playlist, your device must be connected to the Filkers platform.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

Follow the steps below to play live a playlist:

  1. In the left sidebar, in the Digital Signage section, click on Player to access the management of devices and the Playlists that are playing in each one.

  2. Click on the icon "edit" of the device on which you want to publish.

  3. On the drop-down menu, Choose and Add the Playlist you want to play live on your device.

    A warning will appear « Once the changes are saved, they will be automatically displayed on the device «: Select Cancel if you are not sure you want it to be seen. Press I got it, save and, in real-time, your Playlist will play live on that device.

  4. Preview the result of your selection to check if everything is correct.
    Save changes to start playing live.

To change the playlist being broadcast to another or made a modification:

  1. Repeat the steps above.

  2. Choose a new playlist.

  3. Save the changes.

Automatically and, in real-time, the new selected playlist will be played live on your device.

You can play live the same playlist on one or more devices at the same time (tablets, mobiles, screens) or play live different playlists on each one.

REMEMBER, Your device is advertising space, if you don't add content, an empty space will appear on your screen.

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