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How to add a new user to my organization?
How to add a new user to my organization?

Filkers manages organization users depending on the plan.

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago

User management can only be done by organization owners. Only organization owners can invite or remove users.

You can add as many users as your subscription plan allows. Add more users to an organization by expanding your plan in Filkers

To manage users go to the down part of the left sidebar and click on settings. A screen opens, in which you will have an overview of your organization and you will be able to carry out all the actions necessary for its management:

  • Invite a user:
    If you manage more than one organization, the first of all is to be clear about which organization you are going to invite, because the new user will have access to that organization.
    Manage the organization by pressing in the name organization on the upper sidebar menu and adding or changing to another organization.

    Go to the right column of the screen, click on INVITE USERS, a window opens:

    · Write the e-mail of the new user you want to invite to work in this organization. [Click on the option you want to choose]
    · Click INVITE to send the invitation or CANCEL if you do not want to continue.
    The invited user will receive an email to the indicated email address and must accept it to be activated.

  • Delete a user:
    · Go to the organization where you want to delete a user.

    · Go to Settings, the right column of the screen, and press X on the user you want to delete.
    The user will no longer have access to your organization.

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