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Usage tips at Filkers
Usage tips at Filkers

The Filkers platform is very intuitive. These are some tips to help you with the processes

Written by Jorge Casals
Updated over a week ago
  1. Use the Search Filters in Templates.

    We put at your disposal hundreds of Sync templates.
    You must use the search filters so that you can find the Sync template that best suits you at all times.:

    · Search by format. The templates of the format you need will be displayed. Depending on the publication you are going to make: stories [vertical], post [square], banners [horizontal].
    · Search by the number of images. The templates will be displayed with the number of photos you are going to use.
    · Search by connected data. In case you want to make an ad with connected data you must filter by those that have this option available. It only works if you have your online store connected or you are using the Offline items.
    · Search by #. When you do this filter, the Sync templates will appear with examples of inspiration for the use of them. [Sales, service, retail, food, fashion, state agent]

  2. Use the search tool to find the perfect image for your video.

    If you are not going to use a connected product from your eCommerce, you can use:
    ·In Stock images you have thousands of photos to use in your videos, perform search filters, you will work faster, and have more variety.
    ·You can also search on Media, where you have all the files you have uploaded.

    ·And, on Product images, where you have access to all your product images.

  3. Name your Templates once customized.

  4. When you edit the video template to proceed to customize it, you must rename it, and that way you will always have your work well organized and classified.
    Once you save your design, it will be in the Your designs section.

  5. Check well the data of each box to be covered in the templates before saving.

    When you choose a video template you can see that they have written content to serve as a reference and inspiration to create your own video.
    Review each field and all content before saving.

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